About Me

I work for a cyber security company in Seattle with SSCP, Security+, and Network+ certifications under my belt. I majored in Computer Science at Denison University where I studied more programming than anything else. It’s amazing how much programming pops up in my career.

My first ever IT job was in China…lucky me. After returning home to America, I buckled down, got my first certifications and began working in a law firm’s two-man IT department in downtown Chicago. Not too long afterwards, my wife and I moved to the Seattle to make that sweet, sweet IT money! That’s how I like to put it anyway.

Before starting this blog, I generally kept most of what I was studying and learning in my head, occasionally summoning it on the job. This blog is a chance for me to share my experiences and the knowledge I pick up with people who may not be as experienced or are in the same boat as I. Plus, it is a good way to work on presentation skills!

In my spare time, I like to play video games, write stories, indoor boulder, and Netflix. For anyone wanting to keep up with their Japanese skills, anime on Netflix has both audio and subtitles in Japanese…I really love that!

Want to connect? You can find me in Twitter under as @4c54_Cyb3r. You can also find me on LinkedIn. Just mention this blog so I’m less suspicious of how you found me 😀