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Soft Skills

When we talk about developing a career in the tech industry, we have a tendency to only focus on one side of the coin. The technical skills. This is very important to anyone wanting to enter the field. In my opinion, soft skills are as important but it is rare that we talk about how […]

WriteUp: GamingServer

Once again, we will walk through an easy ctf challenge from the site TryHackMe. This challenge is free so if you have an account on the site, definitely give this challenge a try! Let’s get to it! First things first, deploy the machine and run an nmap scan for open ports.nmap -sS -sV <ip_address> From […]

WriteUp: Tartarus

This relatively easy ctf challenge can be found on the site TryHackMe. This challenge did take me a little while to figure due to overlooking a key step but it is definitely a good hacking challenge for beginners. Let’s dive in. Part 1 Once you join the room and deploy the machine, scan it for […]

WriteUp: Gotta Catch’em All

Another fun and relatively easy CTF from the website TryHackMe! I swear, this is by far my favorite site for learning pentesting techniques and getting some practical experience! This CTF is about Pokemon and though you can probably guess the answer to “Find the Grass-Type Pokemon”, you probably won’t know how to present that answer. […]

WriteUp: Bounty Hacker

This is another guide for a free CTF challenge on the website TryHackMe. I personally really like this site and if you’re interested in pentesting, this site is another great resource! On to the challenge! Not only is this challenge relatively easy, it is Cowboy Bebop themed! So double the fun for me! After deploying […]


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